"Apex provides Gaming Floor with an almost effortless (there's still marketing to do, ofcourse!(entry into the online poker world. It gives added dimension and depth to our established casino-industry-related news gathering, employment, and forum services." - Ian Sutton, Gaming Floor

Our Services

Join us and benefit from the power of the world's leading online poker rooms. We offer to handle your branded poker room through one of our distributor partners. Your players will only see your branded poker site, but they are all aggregated together with all of the Tribeca Tables Poker Network's other brands into our card room. Combining all the brands ensure the critical mass that is the key to a successful and profitable poker business.

We offer the following services to our brand partners:

1. Hosting
2. API to your cage
3. Tool for fraud control
4. Reporting tools
5. Marketing and customer service tools
6. Tools for Loyalty programs
7. Customer retention programs