Tournament Rules

Three types of tournaments are available at Poker Ocean:

While every player enjoys the challenge of traditional cash games, the real poker thrills come from tournaments....and there's no better venue for a massive range of poker competitions with sensational prizes, than Poker Ocean. Tournaments at Poker Ocean run 24/7, managed and monitored professionally from start to finish, with 24 hour supervision, constant online support and groundbreaking anti collusion systems to protect our players. As well as single and multi-table buy-in tournaments ranging from $10 to $300, there are frequent Freeroll tourneys and Guaranteed prizes.

Tournament prize pools will be paid upon full and final completion of the individual tournament. If a tournament is not completed for any reason, the entry money will be refunded to every participating player and the tournament will be rescheduled.

Multi Table Tournaments

Tournaments differ from cash games in several ways. While the general playing of the game remains the same there are certain rules that apply to tournaments only.


If for any reason a Player loses his/her connection, play will continue. Blinds and antes will continue to be posted automatically. A Player should log back on as soon as possible to continue play. Players will be blinded/anted out of the tournament if they do not reconnect.

Players MUST accept the risk of disconnection. This can and does occur. (Log back on and continue play as quickly as possible.) At no time will we assume responsibility for disconnected players regardless of cause. If a Player is disconnected during the play of a hand, they will be given a period of time in which to re-connect - about 30 seconds. If the player is not able to do so, their hand is folded unless they are "all in". If you choose to sit out, you are deemed 'away from the table' and will still receive cards that will be folded in turn. Blinds will also continue to be taken when appropriate. If you time-out or disconnect, you will be automatically marked 'away from the table' until you uncheck the appropriate box and re-join the game.


You can join by clicking the "Tournament" tab in the lobby and choosing a tournament that is still open for registration. When your chosen tournament starts your table will open automatically. All seats are assigned randomly. Please bear in mind that if you're already playing in the maximum number of tables allowed (3 tables when in top view mode and 1 table when in side view mode) you'll be presented with a dialog box asking you whether you'd like to quit one of the tables so the tournament table launches. You will be marked 'away from the table' until you join the tournament table. Blinds increase at regular intervals as the tournament progresses and are termed 'levels'. Unlike cash games, blinds must be posted and cannot be missed. This is done automatically. To make it fair for everyone a dead button is sometimes used to achieve this.

The software will keep tables balanced in terms of the number of players seated at each; consequently, as players are eliminated, you may be re-seated at a different table. As this is done randomly you may experience it several times during a tournament. As the number of players remaining reduces, the software will close tables in order of the highest available until the final table is reached. Once a player loses all their chips they are automatically removed from the table unless a 'Buy In' facility is available. Buy In' Tournaments provide the facility to purchase a new set of chips for a limited time if you go broke.

Pay-out Structure*

Place Finished# of Players

* Payout structures for specific tournaments may vary - be sure to check the terms and conditions for the tournament before your registration.

Single Table Tournaments

A single-table tournament is exactly that - a tournament played on one table with up to ten players. These are run on a fill and go basis. As players register the seats fill up and as soon as a table is full the tournament starts. There are no break periods. Tournaments will continue until they are finished. Three prizes are paid; the winner takes 50%, second 30% and third 20%*. Wide ranges of buy in stakes are offered and these can be seen by checking the "Tournaments" tab in the lobby.

Satellite Tournaments

Both Single Table Tournaments and Multi Table Tournaments can serve as qualifiers for special tournaments - the qualifiers are called "Satellite Tournaments" and the winner/s wins a seat in the main event.