Tribeca naming standards:

VC  Victor Chandler                  Launch
RP  Racing Post        Launch
FS  Freeserve                 Launch
GA                        Launch
GM  Cashcade/GetMinted              Launch
UK                   Launch
PE  Poker In Europe      Launch
GG  Good Gambling Guide Launch
VP  Venice Poker                Launch
PD  Poker Daddy                  Launch
RB  Red Balloon Poker          Launch ??
Example:  The following is for Victor Chandler
VC_web                 Folder containing the HTML files
VC_PokerClient.exe     Client
VC_Banner7.gif         Banner "7"
VC_Banner_Dog.gif      The "Dog" banner for VC
VC_about.txt           Text file about VC
*  Always use 3 character file extensions
*  Good:   .htm   .jpg
*  Bad:    .html  .jpeg  <== DO NOT USE
Banner Sizes That we Need:
*  486 x 80
*  234 x 60
*  125 x125
*  120 x 60