Skins Publishing Project

updated: 24 April  2006

Bob Sakayama | [email protected]


To create a centralized, automated, data driven, content management system, governing all managed skins, enabling the scheduled publishing of SEO compliant, flat html websites with fully branded content, across a wide selection of design templates.

+ SEO compliant
+ Branded content
+ Validating flat html output
+ Universal directory structures
+ CSS compliant
+ Scalable
+ Fail safe operation
+ Multiple skin designs/colors
+ Scheduled publishing
+ Scheduled ftp
+ Browser accessible
+ Cross browser compatible
+ Standardized forms
+ Automated, enterprise wide updating
+ Automated new skin creation
+ php/MySql compatibility


Most of the functionality has been achieved - the system now publishes a complete set of skinsites based on a single template and CSS file. Universal navigation, directory structures, image handling and content management systems are in place and being updated. All critical code issues have been resolved.

Needed For Completion:

The development is at a point where productive collaboration with the Cebu design team should be the next step. We need to address at least 2 areas:

-1- new designs, and
-2- migration of current procedures onto the database.


Assuming Cebu's immediate participation, we estimate a completion timeframe of 3-5 months.

The Team:

Bob Sakayama & David Clarke (w/ his employee Peter Pruyn) are handling the development process.



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