Skins Publishing Project

updated: 24 April  2006


Bob Sakayama | [email protected]

Skins Templates:

The system is designed to process an abstracted template - a design, separate from content, in its most simple form: one page of art, and one set of style instructions. Branding through text or language, not art. Programmatical control through language. Whole new skin with on piece of branding art.

Elliminated all javascript. Vertical nav bar is a tag.

A template for the publishing system is an html file, a css file and the images that are unique to that skin.

The system is designed to accommodate multiple templates and template variations.

beliefs: every page has primary and secondary content
primary is center, secondary right hand side

Either vertical or horizontal primary nav

Footer includes footer nav, seo paragraph, disclaimer paragraph

Header, nav 2 contents and footer

artwork is separated into template specific art and brand/template specific art
global artwork

Fully published skin has html doc, css, and three classes of artwork
New template iis introduced has html, css, template specific art
To publish a new skin needs only brand/template specific art

Skins Publishing Project