Skins Publishing Project

updated: 24 April  2006


Bob Sakayama | [email protected]


All data, site content, processes, and management are handled by the database. This enables centralized situational awareness, shared access, and scalability. By abstracting the components and attributes to simple data forms, the system enables the segregation of tasks, permitting optimum flexibility in site management, content management, and site design. The system enables these tasks to be managed independently, from multiple locations.

The database is comprised of two tables:
- Skin Maintenance is a table that represents the all skin attributes
- Content Maintenance is a table that represents every page on the website

In addition to storage and maintenance, the database also enables complex processes, like the automated construction of content informed menus/navigation, and enterprise wide, scheduled publishing.

of the system is System is designed so that an infinite number of new tages can be created simply by adding them to the database.

tag engine
menu manufacturing based on content

Skins Publishing Project