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Beginning your poker playing experience at the Victor Chandler International Poker Room is a simple and easy process.  To play, you need to download the Poker Room client.  You may click here to download the Poker Room client.  Download Poker Room Client Now.

Once you have downloaded the Poker Room client, you double-click on the icon and the client will self-install on your computer.  As the client completes installing, it will connect to the Poker Room where you will see a Registration window.  Click here for simple step-by-step installation.

Registering With Us:  Once you connect to the Poker Room, you will see our Lobby area.  You can look around without registering.  To play, you must register with us.  Registration takes just a few moments.

Select a unique screen name.  Other players in the Poker Room will know you by your screen name.   You must also select a password that you will be asked to enter twice.  We also ask you to provide the location (city, town, county, district, etc.) where you reside, and your e-mail address.

Your location will be shown to other players in the Poker Room.  Your e-mail address will be kept confidential (see our privacy statement) and will be used to notify you of exciting new events at the Poker Room.

Beyond the basic registration just described, we allow players to create and maintain a profile of them.  This profile allows you to share selected information about yourself with your fellow players.   We have an added, exciting feature; buddy lists.  You may identify other players in the Poker Room as your buddies.  You can display your profile information to your buddies or to the general Poker Room population, as you choose.

That's all ... you are now ready to select a table and begin playing poker. We know you enjoy yourself and we wish you the best of luck.


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