Multicurrency Options

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Using 'table level' chip conversions, your deposits and withdrawals will always be shown in your chosen currency. When you wish to enter a ring game or a tournament, a portion of your balance will be converted, according to the exchange rate applicable on that day, to the Poker room's standard currency. The standard currency of the Poker room is US dollars.

When you leave a ring game or win a tournament prize, your chips are converted back to your original currency using the same exchange rate that the chips or tournament buy in were purchased with. This exchange rate is used even if you purchased the chips on the previous day. The Poker room adds no additional conversion charges or fees for this transaction.

Lobby Display

The balance displayed in the bottom left corner of the lobby (or in the games section) shows the currency used in your Poker account. When you point the cursor to your balance, a dialogue box opens, informing you that your currency is different to the currency used in the Poker room. A link to the Poker help file is then displayed. A more detailed explanation of the multi currency feature can be found in this file.

Joining a Ring Game

When you enter a ring game, your balance is shown in the standard Poker room currency (US dollars). All amounts on the table are shown in the room currency. However, when you sit at a ring game and purchase chips, a dialogue box will appear that will show the purchase amount in your own currency and the number of chips that will be purchased in the room currency.

Leaving a Ring Game

When you leave a ring game, your chips are converted back to your own currency. The following message appears when you leave a ring game.

Registering For a Tournament

When you register for a tournament the registration costs (buy-ins) are displayed in both the Poker room currency and your account currency. If you wish to re-buy or purchase an add-on at a later stage, a message appears explaining the conversion rate and the cost of the transaction.

Winning a Tournament Prize

When you win a prize in a tournament, the prize amount is displayed in both the Poker room currency and your account currency.