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Gamble.co.uk Poker uses the most secure, state-of-the-art software.  This poker room is a combined venture between Gamble.co.uk and Victor Chandler Worldwide, one of the world's leading online betting and gaming organizations.  This combination ensures you can play on-line interactive poker in a secure environment with a name you can trust in a secure environment.

Victor Chandler - The History

From discrete English Gentleman bookmaker, to head of the World's leading independent sports betting and gaming group in just three years.

That in essence is the Victor Chandler story so far.  And the story is far from over.

It takes a certain kind of man to achieve that. It started when Victor, who was then a credit bookmaker with a small but very select group of wealthy clients, spotted an opportunity to offer tax-free betting from outside the United Kingdom.

The Victor Chandler Group may be a different entity from the London-based business that started in the 1940s. But it's worth remembering that placing a bet is an act of trust. Worth remembering because, in the 25 years or more since Victor Chandler took over the family business, he has established a reputation for honour, integrity and for having virtually no upper limit on the bets that he will lay.

It is these qualities that have gained him a reputation as the Gentleman Bookmaker.

Victor is the grandson of Victor Chandler senior, who founded the original company in 1946.

The family built Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium and then Victor's father built the business into a chain of some 40 betting shops around the UK before leaving his son with a controlling interest and legacy of one of the finest reputations in the industry. His company was voted Bookmaker of the Year in 1969. He died young in 1975, leaving the entire company to his family.

Since then, Victor has developed the business further, selling off the original shops and establishing the company as a global telephone and online operation with offices in both London and Gibraltar. He has, however, never lost sight of the values that first - and still - set the company apart: customer service, discretion and financial stability.

Victor Chandler International is now widely regarded as the world's leading independent bookmaking and gaming group of companies


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