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Product Announcement: Client Release 24

August 2006

Tribeca Tables Europe, Ltd is pleased to announce Client Release 24, now scheduled for early August 2006. This new release of our poker client will follow a series of server upgrades that provide prerequisite support for CR24 features. CR24 includes the following features:

Poker Tracker Compatibility

Players will be able to use a third-party software program, Poker Tracker, to analyze their Tribeca real money hand histories for 7 Card Stud, Hold �Em and Omaha poker games. Players will be responsible for downloading and purchasing Poker Tracker from www.pokertracker.com, then configuring the program to read their Tribeca hand history files.

Hold�Em Warz

We will offer a new poker game, Hold�Em Warz, a fixed-bet version of Hold�Em. Hold�Em Warz works as follows: two (2) to nine (9) players may participate per table, each anteing a fixed bet for each hand dealt; there are no blinds; the cards are dealt face up and all players who have anted remain in the hand through showdown; no player is able to fold; and at the end of the hand the winning hand is identified and the winner paid the sum of the antes less the rake.

Skin Specific Single Table Tournament (STT)

Single Table Tournaments can be created as Skin Specific tournaments (SSSTTs), primarily for the purpose of serving as feeders to skin-specific Grand Finals.

Play Again Single Table Tournaments

Players in a one-on-one single table tournament will have the option to play the same player again at the conclusion of the STT. Both players must agree to play each other.

Tournament Support For 7 Card Stud and Badugi

The client will provide support for 7 Card Stud and Badugi tournaments. We also anticipate offering 6 seat Hold�em, Omaha, and Omaha H/L MTTs at some point subsequent to this client release. This support will be invisible to the players.

Show Shuffled

In any 7 Card Stud game during showdown (when players reveal their cards and a winner is decided), players will have the option to display their cards (if not mucked) in a random order, called 'Shown Shuffled'. When hand cards are displayed in the order in which they were dealt during showdown, experienced players may be able to use this information to gain an advantage over other players by being able to determine their strategy for game play and betting.  

Player Notes Sort/Focus

Player notes will be enhanced with the following features: In the Player Note window, players will be able to sort their player notes alphabetically in ascending or descending order. Players will be able to denote opposing players� relative strength as part of their player notes, and visual representation of this information will appear at the poker table next to the opposing players� name. Player notes will be displayed as part of the tool tip that appears when a player moves the mouse cursor over an opposing player at a table. Player notes will be correctly saved even if the Player Note window loses focus.

Action Timer

Players will see a visual representation of how much time they have left to act during their turn at a poker table. They will be able to perform an action (Bet, Fold, Check, Call or Raise) before the game does it on their behalf.

Network Status

There will be a new option in the Help menu called �Network Status� that players can click to display the quality of their connection. Network status will be displayed as text only: Excellent, Good, Fair, or Bad.

Seat Rotation

At a poker table, a player will be able to click arrows to rotate the table in order to move their seat to a different position. For example, a player might want to always be seated at the bottom of a table (not applicable for 7 Card Stud tables).

Streamlined Registration/Usability Enhancements

Currently, a new player must first register for fun play, select an avatar, and complete a profile before they are registered in the poker system. Subsequently, they must navigate to the cashier and �discover� a button there which leads the player through the process of registering for money play. The sheer number of steps is a barrier to conversion to real money play. As part of this feature, we have implemented the following enhancements:
  1. We�ve removed the mandatory completion of the avatar selection and profile information.
  2. We�ve placed the �Register for real money play� button on the banner at the top of the client (in addition to its current placement on the client tab).
  3. We display APs on the banner if the player is real money.
  4. We display a pop-up reminder about registration for real money play when a fun-only player logs in.
The net result is the client will include a call to action to convert to real money, and will enable that conversion more conveniently. As part of the streamlined registration, when a player changes his or her avatar, or changes any other information in his or her profile, no confirmation message will appear. When a player changes an avatar, the results can be seen immediately in the poker client.

Last Hand Changes

When a player clicks the Show previous hand link at a table, he or she will see only a brief, easy-to-read summary of the Previous hand, with the option of displaying additional detailed information. If the player has cleared his or her hand history archive, the detailed page will be blank.

Extended Advanced Action Click Zone

Some players try to click on the text that is displayed next to the Advanced Action buttons at a table, causing unexpected results when the game context and buttons change. Advanced Action buttons will now have extended clickable areas to prevent this from occurring. The Advanced Action button text regions will remain unclickable.

Configurable Links

To avoid having to modify and recompile the poker client code for minor changes to static links, we will no longer hard-code these links in the client. We will provide a configuration file as part of the client download that includes these links and that will be polled every time the client starts. There will be one configuration file per skin. This feature is invisible to the player.

Welcome Page Based On Screen Name

The Welcome page content in the poker client may be tailored to the player who logs in. The player logs in and the Welcome page displays a message such as "Welcome player screen name" which is to the specific player. Additionally the client will pull the Welcome page content from Tribeca's media server. Cages and skins will be given accounts to self-manage the Welcome page content. This feature will provide more consistent performance from the perspective of the player. Note that this feature is optional.

Table Name On Multi-Table Tournament Table Display

The name of the multi-table tournament will be displayed in the title bar of MTT table windows to help players know exactly where they are in the poker room.

Machine ID � Client Support

We will save additional information about a player�s computer that will aid us in fraud detection. When a player logs in - whether to a real or fun account - we will capture their unique Machine_ID and forever associate it, along with IDs of all subordinate machine components, to the player�s account.

When a Player creates a new real money account, we will capture their unique Machine_ID and forever associate it, along with IDs of all subordinate machine components, with their account. If a real money account for a particular cage has already been created on the player�s computer, we will prevent (or control) the creation of a second real money account.

This feature is invisible to the player.

Options Management

Player options, currently available in a single Options menu in the Lobby and at the Table, will be moved to a single tabbed Options dialog box to improve ease of use. The player will be able to access this dialog from the Options menu. The currently list of player options has grown large enough that a single drop-down menu is cumbersome for players.

Custom Avatars

Players will be able to upload their own images, and use an online tool to size and personalize their avatars.

Splash Page - Optional

The splash page that normally appears when the poker client launches is now optional. The splash page will NOT appear for players running the poker client if the cage or skin owner chooses not to have the splash page on the poker web site. The cage or skin owner is responsible for creating and hosting the splash page on their poker web site.

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