Improving Your Poker Playing Experience - 800x600 Users

Our software was designed to be optimally enjoyable for display (screen) resolutions of greater than 800x600.  Many users use 800x600 either by choice or by necessity.  We want you to enjoy our poker software to the maximum.  The information on this page will help you configure your computer to display the full poker table and full Lobby view.  If you want to know how to increase your screen resolution, we have a page to help you.

Hiding the Taskbar in Windows

One of the important features of our poker software is what we call the "Ticker" which displays tournament result and other valuable information such as new promotions. We also provide access to a menu of user controls and help; the "Options" button that is adjacent to the ticker.  If you are using 800 x 600 Screen Resolution while playing on our poker software, there is a good chance you are not able to see the "Ticker".

Hiding or moving the "Taskbar" will maximize your view of the poker software and enable you to see information displayed from the "Ticker".  And in fact, the taskbar isn't permanently hidden, but will display when you move the pointer to the taskbar region.

There are three (3) options provided here.  You can combine these if you wish.

OPTION 1 - Taskbar - Auto Hide


Position the mouse cursor over a free space on the "Taskbar". Right-click on your mouse to bring up a menu.


Select "Properties" from the menu.


On the "General" tab check "Auto Hide".

* The "Taskbar" will now automatically hide itself as soon as you move the mouse cursor away and automatically show when you move the cursor back to its location.


Then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.

OPTION 2 - Taskbar - Not on Top

Repeat Step 1 and 2 like in OPTION 1, then instead of checking "Auto Hide" uncheck "Always on top" instead.

Then click the "OK" button like in Step 4 of OPTION 1.

* This option will put the "Taskbar" behind the e-poker software. To access the "Taskbar" again simply hit the minimize button of the e-poker software located at upper-right hand corner.

OPTION 3 - Move Taskbar to Side


Position the mouse cursor over a free space on the "Taskbar".


Hold down the left-click button and drag the "Taskbar" to either side of the screen..


Position the mouse cursor at the edge of the "Taskbar". When the mouse cursor changes to a "Resize" cursor, hold down the left-click button then move the mouse left or right to resize and hide the "Taskbar".

* To access the "Taskbar" again just position the mouse cursor over the location of the "Taskbar" until the cursor changes to the "Resize" cursor and resize the "Taskbar" back. If you wish to move the "Taskbar" to its original position or simply move it somewhere else on the screen just repeat Step 1 and move it to a different location.

Note: You can also just leave the "Taskbar" to its original position and just hide it by sizing it down using the same procedure as Step 3.