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Tournament Schedule - click here

Poker Tournaments:   Fun and Excitement
Rules | Payouts

We are proud to offer both single and multi-table tournaments.  We have recently added Satellite and Rebuy/Add-on tournaments.

Tournaments offer a fast paced, fun, and exciting way to enjoy your favorite gaming activity.  

On this page, we offer an overview of tournaments, and the rules for our tournaments.

We offer both single table and multi-table tournaments.  Satellite tournaments offer a fun and exciting combination, with the opportunity to win very large amounts for relatively small buy-ins.

Single Table Tournaments

To play in one of our single table tournaments, Select the Single Table Tournament tab in the Tables view of the Lobby.  Select an open table and take your seat.  As soon as there are nine (9) players seated, the tournament will begin.  If you wish to leave prior to the start of the tournament, you may, without penalty, simply by leaving the table.

Single table tournaments have a fixed payout structure.  Satellite single table tournaments do not pay cash:  the prize pool goes to purchase a seat in the multi-table tournament fed by that satellite for the winner of the single table tournament.

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Multi-Table Tournaments

Our multi-table tournaments offer you the chance to participate in far larger-scale tournaments.  To play, you must register in advance.  Click the Multi-Table Tournament tab in the Tables view of the Lobby.  You may un-register without penalty any time prior to the lock-in time, when registration for the particular tournament closes.

The payout structure for multi-table tournaments is determined by a number of factors:  how many entrants there are, the stakes, the guaranteed payout pool (if any), and any funds added to the prize pool by the house.  In rebuy/add-on tournaments, the prize pool may grow during the rebuy and add-on periods.

You can check for multi-table tournaments for which you are registered by selecting the My Tourneys tab in the Client Tables Lobby view.

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Satellite Tournaments

We offer players a chance to buy-in to Single Table Tournaments that offer, as the prize, a seat in a Multi-Table Tournament Final. The prize pool of the Satellite Tournament goes to buy the seat in the more expensive Multi-Table Final. The prize pool in a Multi-Table Final can build to a large amount quickly.

In short, buy a seat at a Satellite STT, win, and you get seated at the MTT Satellite Final.  Small buy-in ... very big prize pool.

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ReBuy / Add-on Tournaments

A rebuy is a purchase of additional chips that a player makes during a pre-defined period of a tournament. An add-on is an additional purchase of chips offered to all players.

Example 1: A player would purchase more chips when all chips have been lost and the player would like to continue to play in the tournament.

Example 2: A player may purchase more chips to increase the chip count. A player may REBUY any time the player drops below a specific chip count. Unless otherwise specified, our rebuy tournaments will permit rebuys when a player's chip count has dropped to one half the initial chip stack or less. For example, when you start with 2,000 chips, you may rebuy only if your chip count is 1,000 or fewer.

Rebuys may only take place during a "rebuy round". Our Grand Final Rebuy tournaments offer rebuys for 4 levels. Grand Final Rebuy tourneys have Feeder Satellites. See the current tournament schedule for details. Other Rebuy tournaments offer rebuys for 3 levels.

Add-on option: Unless otherwise specified, our rebuy tournaments include an "add-on" option at the end of the last rebuy round (level). All players are offered an add-on purchase option at the end of the last rebuy round (level), regardless of the number of chips any player holds.

The fee for a rebuy/add-on is listed on the tournament page of the client. Unless otherwise specified, the fee and the number of chips will be the same as the initial chip purchase (at the start of the tournament).

A rebuy may be purchased (up to the tournament limit) by clicking on the dollar sign ("$") on the table, or when the pop up offer is made. If you request a rebuy during the play of a hand, when your chip stack is at or below one half the initial stack, and you win sufficient chips in that hand to go above the rebuy threshold, your purchase will automatically be cancelled.

When you are offered a rebuy/add-on, you only get a short period to decide, before we deal the next hand. Please give thought to your plan in advance. We take NO responsibility if you miss the rebuy/add-on "window". We recommend that you have sufficient funds or Action Points for rebuys/add-ons before the start of the tournament, It is unlikely there will be enough time for you to increase your account balance with a new purchase, and then return to your table for a rebuy/add-on.

Rebuy/add-on chips are delivered for the start of the next hand following the purchase.

Rebuys require a cage transaction. We cannot take responsibility for cage transaction requests that fail due to connectivity problems with the site or general Internet propagation delays, regardless of the cause.

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Tournament Rules

Our tournaments differ from the non-tournament games in several ways.  The first section covers all tournaments.   

  • If you fail to respond, or suffer a disconnect, there is no All-In protection.
  • You may not Sit Out.  You may, instead, mark yourself as Away From Table.
  • If you time out due to disconnect, or failing to respond when your turn, you will be marked as Away From Table automatically.
  • If you are in the Away From Table mode, your blind is paid, when appropriate, and you are folded.  When you return, be certain to uncheck the Left Table box.

Single Table Tournaments

These rules apply to the single table tournaments.

  • As soon as the table is full, the game begins.  These are Sit and Go games.
  • There are no break periods.
  • You may leave the table any time prior to the start of the tournament without penalty.
  • Seating is at your choice.  You may choose any open seat at a single table tournament.  This will be your seat for the duration of the tournament.

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Multi-Table Tournaments

These rules apply to multi-table tournaments.

  • Multi-table tournaments are scheduled.  You register for the tournament.  These tournaments have posted start times.  You must have registered prior to the start.  Registration locks a few minutes before the start of the tournament.  You will receive audio and visual reminders prior to the start.  You will be seated prior to the start.
  • Seating is random.  A few minutes before the tournament begins, the table will open with your seat assigned.
  • The software keeps tables balanced in terms of the number of players seated at each.  As players go broke, causing an imbalance in the distribution of players, you may be reseated to another table.  This is done randomly, therefore you may experience a reseating repeated times.
  • The software closes tables as the number of open seats grows.  You will be advised when the table at which you are seated is being closed.  The break order is from highest numbered table for the tournament in descending order.
  • You may open and watch other tables.
  • The tournament lobby will show the number of players in the tournament, their current chip count, and the prize structure.
  • Multi-Table tournaments periodically have a brief break, normally 4 minutes, once an hour.

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Satellite Tournaments

You should note the following other important differences with Satellite Tournaments:

  • Only first place in the STT Satellite qualifiers gets a prize; a seat in the MTT final.
  • If you play and win more than one STT Satellite qualifier, you win the cash value of the seat if you already have a seat in the Final.
  • You may register directly in the MTT Final, paying the full seat price.
  • If you have a seat in the MTT Final that you won, you may not unregister to take the cash value. If you directly purchased the seat in the Final, you may unregister and receive a refund for the buy-in and fee prior to the start of the MTT Final.
  • STT Satellite qualifiers will not begin within 2 hours of the Final. Anyone seated at an STT Satellite qualifier that has not started before the 2-hour cutoff will receive a refund and the STT will be cancelled. In the unlikely event a Satellite Single Table qualifier has not completed by the start of the Grand Final MTT, the winner of the Satellite STT will be awarded the cash value of the seat. This may take up to 48 hours to process.
  • You may purchase a seat in the MTT Final up until --- moments before the start of the MTT Final.

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ReBuy / Add-on Tournaments

See above section on Rebuy Tournaments.

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Multi-Table Tournament Payout Structure

9 10 - 18 19 - 27 28 - 54 55 - 99 100 - 153 154 +
1st 50% 46% 42% 40% 32% 30% 27%
2nd 30% 27% 25% 23% 20% 20% 17%
3rd 20% 17% 15% 13% 12% 12% 11%
4th   10% 10% 10% 10% 8% 7%
5th     8% 8% 8% 5% 4.5%
6th       6% 6% 4% 3.5%
7th         5% 3% 3%
8th         4% 2.5% 2.5%
9th         3% 2% 2%
10th to 18th           1.5% 1.5%
19th to 27th             1%

This payout table provides the percentage of the prize pool awarded to the player who finishes in the indicated position. Select the column with the number of registrants to find the percentage payout applied for a multi-table tournament.

* Fractions of cents are rounded down to the next whole cent. Where rounding down occurs, the total prize pool paid will be less than the posted prize pool by up to 6 cents.

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Tournament Schedule - click here

Our Action Points system automatically rewards you while you play on our site. Players accumulate Action Points for every hand played in our real money games. Additionally, from time to time we will offer promotions where you will be able to earn additional Action Points that are redeemable for a variety of cool prizes, cash and free entry into the hottest tournaments in the online poker world.

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