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We start by asking you to agree to our Service Agreement when you first register.  Here you will confirm that you are at least 21 years old and playing from a location in which on-line gaming is legal.

To ensure a fair and honest playing environment, DoylesRoom has established rules governing player behaviour, handling lost connectivity, how specific situations are addressed, and policies against suspected collusion.

Your Screen Name is the identity by which other players can get to know you.  Part of poker is understanding how other players bet under different conditions.  Therefore, we do not permit players to change their screen name, except under extraordinary circumstances.

If you experience a broken connection, our software is designed to quickly attempt to reconnect you.  The game will wait a reasonable amount of time for your connection to be re-established.  It will also alert you, and wait a reasonable amount of time for you, should you experience a slow connection, or a distraction at home.  If you cannot or do not respond, the poker room software will treat you as all-in, check you, or fold your hand depending on the state of a hand.  You will be marked as sitting-out as well.  Of course, it is poor etiquette to deliberately slow a game down.

The virtual poker room offers players the ability to play from the comforts of their own home, or at their local Internet Cafe.  It's not necessary to travel to a physical poker room.  Along with the convenience of the virtual poker room come some opportunities for the unscrupulous.  Rest assured that our Poker Room actively guards against unfair behaviour.  

We will not tolerate cheating.

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Sitting Out and Blinds
In games where the position relative to the dealer can bring advantage, we prevent players from entering and leaving (sitting out) games without having to post the equivalent of the blind.  This ensures that there is no financial advantage gained by missing the rotation of the blind.

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When a player wins and has more chips than at the start of play, it can be tempting to leave the table, and then immediately return with fewer chips. This is called "reducing" and is not permitted in our poker room. If a player leaves a table they must wait 30 minutes before returning with fewer chips. If they wish to return within the 30 minutes they must sit down with the same amount of chips they left with.

There are also situations when a player has lost money and wishes to return to a table he recently left. In this case the same reducing rule applies. Specifically, if a player sits down with 1,000. Loses 200, leaves with 800. He must sit down with 800 if he re-joins the same table within 30 minutes.

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Using the Internet, there are times when players may lose their connection to the server.  This may occur for any number of reasons including:
  • Dropped modem connection.
  • Routing problems at the local Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Network congestion somewhere on the Internet.
  • Home computer hangs, freezes, or crashes.
When this occurs, we do not want to penalize a player holding a strong hand.  We therefore grant each player one all-in event in every 24-hour period.  An all-in in such cases is the same as when a player has too few chips at the table to cover a bet.  A side pot is created in which the all-in player participates.  If a player has used his allocated number of all-ins for the day and loses connectivity or times out, the hand is folded.

Due to the potential to abuse our all-in policy, we do not grant any all-in protection for pot-limit and no-limit games.  Regardless of the reason, if you fail to act in the required time, your hand will be folded.

To prevent players from pretending to have lost their connection with the server when it might be advantageous financially, we limit the number of all-in events any player has in a 24-hour period.  This will prevent abuse by pretending to have lost connectivity.  Misuse this privilege and you may find it unavailable when you really need it.

Our software can detect lost connections as opposed to non-responding but still connected players.

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Collusion can be a problem in both physical and virtual poker rooms.  Collusion is when two or more players attempt to bet in a fashion that allows added gains.  Collusion, simply stated, is cheating.  We will not tolerate cheating.

In a physical poker room, trained staff watching the behaviour of the players at a table can detect collusion.  This method is largely dependent on having adequate numbers of properly trained staff.  In our poker room, we do not only rely on the human factor.

Our software is designed to detect collusive behaviour.  We monitor various patterns including who plays together, types of hands and how they are bet, and unusual betting patterns.  We cannot divulge all the techniques employed but we are confident that our collusion detection system is always watching.

You can also help.  If you feel you have been the victim of collusion, please notify one of our hosts by either eMail or by clicking on the Manager button.  It will help if you can note the hand number at the top of the screen.  Our hosts will be able to use the information you supply to correlate to system generated incident alerts.  

Cheaters will be barred from playing at our poker room!

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Contact A Host
Our Hosts are always there to help you in any way they can.  If you ever have a question or if you feel you have been the victim of collusion, please notify one of our hosts by either eMail or by clicking on the Manager button.  It will help if you can note the hand number at the top of the screen.

Cheaters will be barred from playing at our poker room!

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This is a community and as in any community there are rules about behaviour.  These rules are intended to maximize the enjoyment and comfort of all players and visitors.  Please follow these rules. Violators will be contacted and risk suspension or banishment.
  • Polite chat:  Under no circumstances may you use vulgar or profane language while using our chat facility.  You may also not abuse or harass another player.  Violators risk loss of chat privilege, suspension, or banishment from the poker room.
  • Timely play:  Please make every effort to not slow the progress of the game.  Where possible, use the advance action options.
  • All-in and purchasing additional chips:  You may not buy additional chips for use in a game once the deal has begun.  If the game has started, newly purchased chips will be delivered at the conclusion of that game.  If you run out of chips, you will be treated as all-in.  Click here for more information on all-in.
  • Sitting out:  We allow players to sit out some number of hands without giving up their seat.  If you do not return to your seat in a timely fashion, you will be picked up; removed from the table.  If you are picked up, your chips will be returned to the cashier for you.
  • Kibitzing: Only players who are remaining in a hand should make comments on the current hand. Observers, including those who have folded, must not comment about the play, or style of any player, or how the game is being played.

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There are a few house betting rules you should know.  

  • Minimum buy-in:  we require you to bring at least ten times (10X) the upper value of the stakes to sit down at a table.  Pot Limit and No Limit games have slightly different buy-in requirements, and have a maximum buy-in.  See the section on Pot Limit and No Limit for those details.  
  • Pot Limit and No Limit Buy-in Rules:  You must bring at least 10 times the Big Blind to the table, and no more than 50 times the Big Blind in these games.
  • Minimum Re-buy:  You must re-buy at least 5 times the Big Blind.  If you don't have sufficient funds in your cage account, you must deposit additional funds to your account.  If you don't have sufficient play chips, you may request additional chips in the Cashier view of the Lobby.
  • Pot Limit and No Limit Re-buy Rules:  When you re-buy in a pot limit or no limit game, you may not exceed the maximum buy-in/re-buy limit.  Because you order more chips during a hand, and those chips are delivered at the end of the hand, you may win chips in that hand.  If you win, we will adjust your order so that you do not buy more chips than allowed.  If that happens, we return the excess to your cage account for you.

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Our Action Points system automatically rewards you while you play on our site. Players accumulate Action Points for every hand played in our real money games. Additionally, from time to time we will offer promotions where you will be able to earn additional Action Points that are redeemable for a variety of cool prizes, cash and free entry into the hottest tournaments in the online poker world.

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