Make Poker Look Better  - Changing Your Screen Resolution in Windows

To get the most enjoyment from our poker software, we recommend that your computer display settings (this is how your monitor appears to you) be at 768 x 1024 or greater. Our software was designed to work best with higher screen resolution settings. The display resolution controls how much information is displayed on your monitor. As more information is displayed, the information shown is smaller.

The information here will help you understand how to change the screen resolution on your computer. Your computer may support higher screen resolution settings (some older computers do not). If you're using 800x600 either by choice or by necessity click here. Please note that the poker software does require the "high color (16 bit)" option for colors.

We suggest you review these instructions fully before actually following them


From the "Start Menu" go to "Settings" and choose "Control Panel".


On the "Control Panel" window, double-click on the "Display" icon.

Note: You can skip STEPS 1 & 2 by directly right-clicking on in a blank area of the desktop and choose by choosing "Properties" to open the "Display Properties" window. Especially some versions of Windows like such as Windows XP which that has a different setup, use this action instead of STEP 1 & 2.



Select the "Settings" tab on the "Display Properties" window.


At the "Screen Area" of the "Settings" tab, move the slider (Hold down the left click button on your mouse and drag) and choose 1024 x 768. Make certain the Colors setting, to the left, remains at least "High Color (16 bit)". If it has changed to 256 colors, your computer's graphics card cannot support the poker software at the higher display setting. Click "Cancel" at this time.


Now your screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768, click "Ok".


A message box will appear to inform you that your new setting will be applied in a few seconds. Click "Ok".


Another message box will appear asking you if you want to keep the new setting. Click "Yes".

Changing the Display Resolution Again

If you wish to change your computer's display resolution again, simply repeat these steps, selecting another setting.