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You may read here about our Real Money Policies.  We have provided here, for you, typical questions and their answers.  You can always call our Customer Service department on +350-49542 if you have any further questions.

Where is my Money Held?

All money is managed by Victor Chandler Worldwide, a company with over 50 years of integrity and experience in managing gaming funds.  You must open a cashier account.  Then the poker room establishes a connection, on your behalf, to the cashier system provided by Victor Chandler Worldwide.  Once you have authenticated yourself, you are able to use this connection to withdraw funds for playing poker.  When you a finished, your funds are automatically, and immediately returned to Victor Chandler for your use.

 Is playing poker with Victor Chandler legal?
Yes. Victor Chandler is a legal company licensed by the government of Gibraltar. Customers should check the laws and regulations in their own country and comply with them.

How do I get paid?
We can send cheques or transfer the money directly into your bank account. Depending upon where you are in the world the funds should reach you no later than five banking days later. A charge is made for certain forms of transfer.  Contact us for more information by calling our Customer Service department on +350-49542.

Who is Victor Chandler?
Victor Chandler is the name of the person who founded the company in London over 50 years ago. His great grandson (also Victor Chandler) is now chairman of the company.

Which currencies can I play in?
We currently accept deposits in all major currencies, however debit card deposits can only be made in sterling.  The poker room currency is US Dollars.  Other currencies will be transferred to the poker room using a fair exchange rate.  No profit will be made on currency exchanges.  The same rate is applied to withdrawals for playing poker, and to deposits when done playing.
Do you pay interest on my deposit?

Is my transaction secure?
Yes. We use secure server technology and industry standard encryption to ensure that our online financial transactions are as secure as possible. We will continue to keep pace with technology in this area.

What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit is £10 for Pounds Sterling accounts. Minimum deposits apply for other currencies and can be obtained by calling our Customer Service department on

What if I forget my cage password?
Simply call our customer service centre that, after identifying you, will issue you with a new password via e-mail.

How can I be sure the games are fair?

The basis of our business relies on our maintaining your trust; that we treat you, our valued customer, fairly.  Victor Poker uses highly sophisticated anti-collusion monitoring and Casino Pit Boss software. This enables us to keep a close watch on player activity and raises alarms when suspicious behaviour is detected.

Security and Integrity

We have made certain that neither your money nor the integrity of the games is compromised. From sophisticated random number generation, to 128-bit encryption, to a range of other measures we canít disclose, we have implemented the poker room with security as a number one priority. We value your business and wonít risk compromising the security and integrity of our poker room.

Does  have promotions and how do I find out about them?

We frequently hold promotions. You will be informed of them by email if have checked the box to be included in the mailing lists. Alternatively, check the What's New tab.

Do you have loyalty schemes?

You will begin earning Poker Club Points from the first time you play at real money tables.  Awards for Poker Club Points have not yet been determined.  Watch for announcements.

Can I play more than one table at a time?

You may play two tables at a time. If you try to open a third, you will be asked to close one of the other tables.

What action do you take against people using offensive language?

After the first offence, a player will be given a warning by the pit boss. Further offences will be punished with suspension of the player's chat feature, or temporary or permanent banishment from the tables.

Can the game be manipulated to alter results?

No. All games are secure. No one has access to the game software during play. See also Security and Integrity.

Can I play for fun without opening an account?

Yes, all you need do is register a screen-name. It is a very simple process. You do not need to enter credit card details to play for play money.

Is your software unique or do other poker sites use it? software is currently used only by our account holders. We do not currently licence the software

Can I see what the game looks like before I start to play?

Yes. Simply download the client, view the tables and select a table to observe.

Why do I sometimes experience a slow or interrupted connection?

This could be due to many things: a server malfunction; modem failure; ISP failure; problem with your PC.

What do I do if the game freezes or I lose my connection?

If you lose your connection, the game will wait a period of time for you to reconnect. If you fail to re-connect, your hand will be deemed All-In. This means your last bet will be deemed to be taken as a bet made with your last chips, then the hand will be completed. If you win, you will be credited with whatever monies are in the main pot. A side pot will be played for by the other players.  If you are not able to re-establish your connection in a timely manner, your chips will be automatically deposited to your account for you.

In the unlikely event of  the game freezing as a result of a server error, the hand will continue from where it left off after the server has been restarted.  If you do not rejoin the hand, any money you may have bet will be refunded.

If I run out of chips, can I get some more?

Only after the hand you are currently involved in is over. Simply click Options menu on the Chip rack.

How do I tell how much is in a pot?

Move the mouse cursor over the pot.

Is there a credit card processing fee?

Yes, currently at 2% for Visa and MasterCard. There is no fee if you use Paypal or Firepay.  

What will my credit card charge item read?

Your charge line item will simply read, VCI.

What is the rake amount?

Currently the rake is a step function on stakes of $.50/$1.00 and higher, and 5% on lower stakes tables.  There are maximum rakes, depending on the stakes and number of players.  In no case is the rake more than $3.00.  You may click the ? at the top right-corner of the table window to see the current rake.  The rake is rounded down to the next whole cent where appropriate.

How long does it take to cash out my winnings?

Credit card withdrawals leave our accounts the next working day. However, most credit card companies take 3 to 6 days to make the money available on your account. The reverse is true of deposits. They are registered on your account within 1 day, but do not reach us for 3 to 6 days. However, once you have deposited, we will allow you to play immediately.

What deposit methods do you offer?

Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card (Delta, Switch, Solo).  You may also use Western Union or wire funds to us.  Contact our Customer Service department on +350-49542 for more information.


  You can open a real money account or Log In to your cashier account


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