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Extra, Extra, Read All About It! 

We will be offering a variety of promotions, jackpots, and other extras.  This is the page where you can find out the rules governing these exciting extra values!

We will be setting aside a portion of the rake to return to our valued customers in the form of jackpots.  We will be offering jackpots for a variety of extraordinary winning hands.  These jackpots will be progressive in nature, accruing value with each completed hand, until there is a winner.  

Poker Club Points

From the very first day you play real money poker at our poker room, you will be earning Poker Club Points towards special prizes.  You earn one point for each dollar you bet.  We track your betting, even if in cents, and each time you pass a whole dollar, you earn another Poker Club Point, no matter what stakes you prefer.  There will be different ways to use your Poker Club Points.  Check back often to see how you can use your Poker Club Points.

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