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This page provides access to a set of email templates you may use for responding to players on the relevant subject.  Of course, you must change any section where you see <screenname> or other word inside angle braces.  Angle brace (<>) indicate where you must substitute real information for the placeholder.
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Opening a Real Money Account

How to Cash Out by Credit Card  
How to Cash Out by other than debit or credit card  
Promo added after the fact  
Comp Credit granted  
Chat  Temporarily Disabled

Dear Customer,

We have had to disable your chat feature in the poker game.  We are attempting to provide a safe, pleasant environment for all players and expect a reasonable code of conduct.  Please be aware that we monitor the chat in the game rooms.  The use of inappropriate language, making fun of other players or any other overtly mean spirited behavior - directed at an individual will not be tolerated. 

We appreciate that gambling can produce a range of emotions some of which can make tempers fly. We ask for your cooperation in creating a fun and enjoyable place to play.

We will be happy to restore your chat feature after acknowledgment of this e-mail to give it another try.

We look  forward to building a fruitful relationship together.

Poker Support

Chat Permanently Disabled for Abuse, Unacceptable Language, etc.

Dear Customer:

             We have disabled your chat feature two times in the past, on _______________, and on ________________.  We entertained high hopes that you would appreciate the importance of our rules regarding inappropriate language, but it is now clear that our opinions differ as to abusive language and its consequences.

             While we appreciate your business, we are sure you understand that we cannot allow a single player to damage the safety and amiability of our online poker room atmosphere.  After due deliberation, we have decided to terminate your access to the chat feature.  You may, of course, still use the chat feature for �manager chat�.

             We hope you will continue to enjoy playing poker with us, and that you will find the disabled chat feature no obstacle to a winning relationship.  Thank you for your attention.



Poker Support
Chat Permanently Disabled for Spamming via Chat

Dear Customer:

            Part of our obligation to out customers, is to insure a safe environment in which to play and socialize. We cannot allow untested claims, random recommendations, and promotion of unverified sites to benefit from our reputation for safety.

            If a customer is using our site for spamming, advertising or promoting other businesses, our safe environment is compromised.. 

            While we appreciate your business,  I am sure you understand that we  cannot allow a single player to damage the safety and amiability of our online poker  room atmosphere.  After due deliberation, we have decided to terminate your access to the chat feature.  You may, of course, still use  �manager chat�.

             We hope you will continue to enjoy playing poker with us, and that you will find the disabled chat feature no obstacle to a winning relationship.  Thank you for your attention.



Poker Support

You've Been Banned for Cheating!

Dear Customer:

            It is always difficult for us here at ___<skin name>____, to discontinue a relationship with a valued customer.  One of the few reasons we take this step is when we are convinced a customer is involved in collusion or cheating.  Not only does that damage the sanctity of our site, but it is also against the law.  Thankfully, while we continually monitor all games and transactions and can accurately determine the conduct of illegal activity, it is very rare to find it..  Unfortunately in your case, we have determined that you are involved in just such activity.

            Specifically, you have been monitored  <prohibited behavior>. . .

            Accordingly, you have been banned from this site.  We are evaluating the status of your deposited monies and whether to take legal action at this time.  You may contact us further via e-mail at _____________.



            Poker Support
No Reducing Please

Dear Customer:

             We would like to inform you about our rules regarding �reducing.�  Reducing is the act of taking money off the table and quickly returning to the same table to play with this lowered amount.

We are sure you can see the inequity in one player, having just won money to get up and return with less,  thereby denying his/her opponent  a chance to win back his/her losses.

            Because reducing is prohibited at this (and most every poker game worldwide), we encourage players to make an appropriate buy-in, and thereafter to allow all chips to remain at the table until they are ready to end their session.  If a player takes any money off  the table, that player must leave the table, and cannot return for thirty (30) minutes.

            We hope this clarifies this matter for you.  If we can be of any further assistance, please contact as again.



            Poker Support

Getting Started with Play Money With reference to your email on being able to play for fun on the site.

To play for fun you simply have to register with us and sit at one of our "Play" tables.  You are given 1000 "Play" chips of which can be replenished when depleted to under 200, by simply clicking on "Give me more play money chips".  This button can be found on our' Cashier page'.  On the 'Table list', you will notice that 'Play Tables' do not have the $ sign next to the limits of that table instead it shows "Play".

If you require further assistance please do not hesitate to call us on our customer support line or drop us an e-mail.

Spades and Clubs too similar and Cards too hard to see well. We would like to thank you for your comments regarding the appearance of our cards. You will be interested to know that we have plans to revamp our cards to make them easier to recognize at a glance. We appreciate your patience while this change is being readied.
We would like to thank you for your time and effort in making this suggestion.
Doesn't Like Auto Post Reminder The Auto-post is intended to keep the pace of the game moving by asking people to auto-post. Reminding them is intended to reinforce players desire to have a well placed game.

We would like to thank you for your time and effort in making these suggestions.
Game Pace Too Slow Regarding your suggestion about the pace of the game

Thank you for your input. We appreciate it. The timing for the games has been set to balance the needs of experts and beginners, broadband and dial up, as well as other factors. We have made several adjustments since we launched, and we may make further adjustments."

Forgot Password Greetings,

Your password was reset to <>.

You may change the password to something you prefer, once you have logged in. In the Lobby, select the Profile tab. In the lower left corner, you will see the "Change Password" button.

If you have any further problems, please contact us again.


Poker Room Support

Doesn't understand PL/NL auto-increment Thank you playing at out card room and taking the trouble to contact us. We are working hard to make or card room the best place to play poker on the internet and this is made easier with useful feedback from players like you.

We are aware that out Pot-Limit / No-limit interface needs improving. When you use the �+� and �-� buttons the amounts that the system calculates are currently not optimal.

As well as using the �+� and �-� buttons it is possible to type in an amount you wish to bet. Using your mouse highlight the amount box, and then using your keyboard type in the amount you want to bet. Then click on Raise

If you need any further assistance you can contact me using e-mail, manager chat or by calling our support line +350 49542.
Do you support Macintosh systems?

Dear xxxxxxxx

 We apologize that we currently don�t support the Macintosh operating system.  One suggestion is to try using a product called Virtual PC.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the solution, as it is not a supported platform.

Poker Support

Player Questions Security or Card Shuffling

Dear Customer,

 We would like to assure you that above all, the security and integrity of our games is the No. 1 priority for both our customers and the survival of our business.

The systems, algorithms and practices at (XXXX skin) exist to ensure total fairness to each and every player.  Our Random Number Generation (RNG) and card shuffling systems employ state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure fairness without exception.  Please click on the link to review our certification by BMM, one of the world�s leaders in Internet security.

Victor Chandler/Tribeca Tables RNG Certificate

You may learn more about our approach to generating random numbers and card shuffling on our web site under the Game Info tab.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us or click on the manager chat.  We would like to do everything possible to provide you with a safe, comfortable and fun place to play poker.

Poker Support

Player requests no access, or cage account access blocked / closed.

Note:  when using email template, edit out poker or cage as appropriate

Dear Customer,

We are sorry that you feel that you can�t continue to play at this point. We will activate the blocking of your <poker | cage> account. If at any point you wish to resume playing, please call us at the support number listed above.

Poker Support

How do I get started?


How do I play?

Thank you very much for your interest in our software.  To get started, look for an Icon on your desk top called "Victor Chandler Poker".  Double click on that to launch the poker room software.

If you haven't already registered, you need to click on the "Register" button at the top of the screen and create a player name. If you have already registered, click on the "Login" button and enter your player name and password.

To see the choice of games go to the "Tables" section.  We have Real money tables, tournaments, and Play tables.  The play tables are at the bottom of the Holdem list and have the word "Play" in the stakes column.

If you wish to play for Real money you will need to open a real money account and deposit some money. To do this go to the "Cashier" page and click on "Open a Real Money Account".

If you have any more questions feel free to use our online manager chat, telephone support line + 350 49542, or via e-mail.


Poker Room Manager


Thank you for your enquiry as to how to play.

First pick the game you wish to play, Second look for an empty seat and then click on the "please take a seat" portion of the table. Then it asks you how much money you wish to bring to the table. Once seated, you will be asked if you wish to post the big blind or wait until the big blind reaches you. Once it is your turn, buttons will appear at the bottom of the table, you may click on either "Bet", "Call", or "Fold".

May I suggest that you start out at play money tables until you are comfortable with the technology? These tables are at the bottom of the list of tables and say �Play Tables�.

Queries for Player Notes Thanks for your suggestion about player notes. We were reluctant to implement this as we felt it may scare some of the less confident players away. After further consideration, we are examining the idea of introducing this feature, although it will be some time before it is implemented.
Chips in Pot In order to see the chips in the pot, move your cursor over the center of the pot at any time and it will show you how much money is there.
Miscellaneous Suggested New Feature Thank you for your suggestion. We have discussed this feature and it is on the drawing board for future development. We can't estimate the delivery date at this time, but we greatly appreciate your input.
Graphics Problems

We are very sorry to hear you had a graphics problem. Certain computer setups and operating systems have experienced temporary graphics issues. We are working on our end to resolve this issue for every possible combination.

Thank You for bringing this to our attention.


We are very sorry to hear you had a graphics problem. Certain computer setups and operating systems have experienced temporary graphics issues. We are working on our end to resolve this issue for every possible combination. It is generally an issue of the resources of your computer being used up by other programs, particularly instant messenger type programs (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, etc. )that are called "desktop applications". They tend to drain the resources and when you use a graphics intense program like poker, this results in the resources running too low and the graphics acting up. By closing your other programs you will experience this issue to a much smaller degree.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Show Losing Hand

Thanks for your suggestion. We have considered this option but decided against it because the weaker players tend to get very embarrassed when caught bluffing or when they call you at the end with a very weak hand and everyone sees their inexperience.

For this reason we have decided not to show the losing hand on the river.

Random Blinds Payments in Multi-table Tourneys Hi. Thanks for your comments on the blinds in tourneys. When we break tables and move players, we randomly assign the players to new tables and it sometimes happens that you will pay a blind twice in a row. This is totally random and therefore everyone has the same advantage and disadvantage.  Some days you will play two rounds and not pay a blind. We appreciate your comments and input.
Dead Button Handling

Thanks for your comments. There are two schools of thought on the button, dead button and forward moving button. There are pros and cons to each and we have elected the forward moving button method. We will continue to study this issue to ensure that it still the best method for us.

 This issue has been resolved. We appreciate your comments and continued support.

 We will be redesigning the table to resolve this and other issues. This will however take some. We appreciate your comments and support.

Why only 9 Seats at a Table, where other sites have 10?

As you can imagine, we debated this issue a great deal and felt that in the interests of keeping the game moving faster, our players are better served by having a 9-handed table with more tables.

We appreciate your comments and continued support.

Waiting for Disconnected players in tourneys

Thank you for your comments. We have noticed a number of no show participants and have instituted two policies to deal with this. First, players are immediately marked as "away from the table" so there is no delay, and secondly, we now require a minimum fee based on Action Points to enter the tournaments. This will discourage players from entering but not playing.

 We appreciate your ongoing feedback and support.

Thank You,



Thanks for your thoughtful comments. There is obviously an issue between protecting late players or players with bad connections and also maintaining the integrity of the tournament. In these early stages, we are choosing to protect the first group but are monitoring this closely. We appreciate your input and continued support.

Win98/WinME Graphics Issue Thank you for your comments. We are aware of this graphics issue with Windows ME/98 and are currently developing a "work-around" solution that will be implemented in approximately one week.

We appreciate your input and patience and continued support.

Thank You,
Tourney Stats

In the tournament lobby, you will find basic stats on players left, chip amounts etc. As you may know these are beta test tournaments and as such we will be adding features as we go. We appreciate your input and ongoing support.

Thank You,

4 Color Decks Thank you for your suggestion regarding the four colour deck. This is on our drawing board for future development and implementation. We appreciate your input and continued support.
Slow down at Showdown when "all in"

Thanks for your suggestion regarding turning cards over one at a time when players are all-in. We will certainly pass this along to the development and policy teams for review and consideration.

 We greatly appreciate your ongoing feedback and support. Don't forget to join us in the evenings for our tournaments.

Freezing or Crashing System

First, I would always keep Norton anti virus running. Internet Explorer and word use very little system resources, although numerous pages of Internet Explorer may slow things down. Desktop applications can 'generally be found in the bottom right corner of your screen, evidenced by little icons on the bottom taskbar. Examples are AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Pager, MSN messenger, Window Washer, etc.  In summary, the fewer programs you have running the better.

 Also, we are constantly updating the software to use less and fewer graphic that tend to drain the resources of your PC. Finally, adding memory if possible will generally greatly enhance your PC or Laptop's use of system resources.

 I trust this has been helpful.


 Poker desk support

Connection Problem

Sorry you cannot connect to our game. Can you tell us more about you computer configuration please. What operating system, what processor (Pentium II?), how much memory? What message is displayed?  Have you been able to connect to the game before?

Generally, if you uninstall and the re-install the game from the website, most problems tend to disappear.

Multiple Accounts No Player may open more than one real money or play money account. Management will consider this a very serious issue and at its discretion may elect to suspend, terminate or freeze the funds in these accounts. No exceptions will be permitted.
Too Many Good Hands Being Seen

Thank you for your comments on too many good hands. If you look on our web site under Game Play and then RNG/Shuffling, you will find details of the great lengths we have gone to, to assure randomness in the deal and have had this process certified by the most prestigious independent certification company in the world.

The speed of the game and the tremendous amount of hands we see relative to a live game, in large part accounts for the difference in how many more good hands we see relative to our experience. Remember our entire business and reputation rests on ensuring this is truly random and perfectly secure and we would not risk any deviation from this principle under any conditions.

More All-ins please Regarding your all-ins, each player gets one new all-in every 24 hours. Also, if you are experiencing a genuine connection issue, the Customer Service Representatives may refresh your all-in on occasion. You will need to leave the table you are playing at for this to take effect.
The Game Plays Too Fast The game runs at a prescribed pace. Normally, the lower stakes tend to play a little slower. Also, you can play for fun without money until you get used to the games.