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What is the payment schedule? Props get paid twice a month; mid-month and at the end of the month.  Payments are deposited to the prop players cage account.  
What commitments are props required to make? Props must work at least 20 hours a week.  They must agree to play as directed by the CSR team. ...  
What games do props not get paid for playing in? Props don't get paid for playing in pot limit, no limit, and tournament games.  Further, no games at stakes of $0.50/$1.00 or below qualify.  
What is the prop compensation?    
How are props paid? Props are paid by deposits to their BOS accounts.  
Can I get an advance on my prop payments? We currently do not have the faculties to do this. We are exploring if that will be an option in the future.  
Can Props use Action Points for bonus matching or prizes? No, Props are not eligible for using action points, either for bonus matching, or for 'buying' prizes.  
What games are props required to play in if asked? Props should be observed.  The highest limits each plays should recorded . The reason is that often prop players will work in lower games waiting for weak players to appear in the higher stakes.  They will jump in and try to take the weak player's money.  What ever stakes you catch them going up to is what you can require them to play in at your request.  If they refuse you can ask them to declare what the maximum stake table they will play on the site.  If they ever go above that they will be fired as a prop. The ultimate goal here is to not let them take on our weak players and be aware so we can have them playing at the highest stake possible.  
Are props paid for tournament play? Props are not paid for tournament play and will not be permitted in tournaments if we need them in live games.  All props must get permission before entering tournaments so as not to weaken existing games.  
Can props earn action points -- either for promos or general action points? ction points are not earned, nor usable by prop players.  Under some circumstances, prop players working with the House Player skin (shouldn't be using prop skin any longer) may see general action points accruing but if that happens,they will be deducted.

Prop players cannot earn bonus points either.

Prop players should see their action points if they log in using a regular skin. However, so long as they are working as props, they should not use another skin to play.

How do I manage the prop players The simplest tool for managing the prop players is the administrative interface.  All prop players must check in when they arrive � but the majority of them do not.  By opening the administrative interface and looking at the players that are logged in you can sort the players by �logged in skin� by doing this you group all of the House player people together.  From here you can observe, move and regulate their behavior. The remedy for players not checking in is for you to initiate chat with the prop player and insist that must checked in
Where do I put prop players This is a judgment call � The larger the stake game that is going the more money the site produces. Currently I would like to see props playing in games 2 dollars and above.  I would like to keep them out of the 1 dollar games they are too strong in regards to skills, to be allowed in those games.  Currently props will hide in a no limit game waiting for week players to show up � meanwhile the no limit game is full and paying customers are waiting for a seat.  That prop should be told to go sit at either an empty table or any other place you need him If a prop does not listen to your instructions.  Take down his username and send John an e-mail explaining the situation.
Observing games and moving prop players Customer service representatives should be monitoring every 10 or 15 minutes where the House players are sitting and what games are down to two three or four players. This is the role of a prop player � you need to move him from where he is regardless of his desires and keep the short-handed games going. Keep the AI up on your computer screen sorted by log in skin and watch for games that are at risk of collapsing.  As well if you see 5 props in a small games take them out and put them in a 5/10 can limit game. Don�t worry about hurting their feelings this is a job for them.
A table is full but there are props there As soon as a table gets 8 handed one prop should be asked to leave.  This leaves 2 open seats for paying customers.  If a prop refuses to leave the game -you can warn them that there prop playing privileges can be taken away.  Then inform John via e-mail of the persons username and the situation always remember that we want to end the employment arrangement with a prop amicably�they are a potential player
There are certain props who cannot afford to play above 1 dollar/2 dollar This is fine so long as when they see a good game all of a sudden they are no longer poverty stricken. If these players constantly stay at a low limit that is not a problem if they jump around then they are just taking shots and hustling the weak players in the small games while waiting for weak players to come into the big games we cannot allow this The site must be monitored � who is sitting there looking at the screen every 15 minutes and asking all of the questions above?
Customer Question:  Do you have shills or employees paid to play with company money? Shills are players who play with company money.  We do not have shills.  n/a
Customer Question:  Do you have prop players Yes.   Read this section for more guidance.

Generally, a customer that is taking the time to get upset about our prop players is losing.  I don�t think you will find anyone coming on and complaining when they are winning.  When a player is losing they are looking for any excuse. Try to take that into account -- most losing players just want 2 minutes of sympathy.  The following should be explained and make every attempt to turn around the situation because in actuality we are providing a service that costs us money.

-the poker room has no financial interest in whether or not a prop wins or loses.  They are playing entirely on their own money.  If they go broke we do not lend money or extend any type of credit. Other than getting paid a small fee per hand for playing and being required to follow our rules to help service you - they are just a player like yourself.

-this program is a service of the poker room to help start games for players like yourself.  In fact the program is open to all players if they so choose.  You must be willing to play many hours per week, move from the table to table when told, and occasionally work from a set schedule.  If that is interesting to you, send us e-mail and will be happy to give you more information.