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Player forgot to enter promo code.  Can player still get promo? Yes.  You must get the player's screen name and cageID.  Send email to the Tribeca Dev Team requesting the DB be updated.  Until the poker room has a significantly higher volume of traffic, we will accommodate all such requests.  The other option a player has is to make another deposit and add the promo code with that deposit.  Only one deposit qualifies.
How are action points awarded?

The larger the pot, the more Action Points there will be.

For every real money hand that is dealt a maximum of 300 Action Points will be awarded.

The available points will be distributed to all players who participated in the pot on a pro-rata (percentage) basis.

The more a player bets, the larger their personal share of the available Action Points.  

Action Points are unique per skin.

What can I do with my Action Points?

Action Points can be cashed in for a variety of cool prizes.

Please check out the web site for more details. <skin_name>/games_action_points.html

How do I redeem a prize using my Action Points?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] and include the following:


Your user name

Name of prize

Amount of Action Points

Why do you not use number of raked hands when awarding Action Points?

We want to give all players across all games equal chance to accumulate Action Points.

By awarding Action Points in the way we do, it gives everyone an opportunity to accumulate Action Points, from our smallest 5c 10c game all the up to our largest No Limit game.

If someone contacts support and asks you to enter the Promotion Code AceKing for them you must make sure they understand the following:
  1. You are requesting the promotion code be added to their account, you are not adding any money. (There has been some confusion amongst players who thought the CSR was actually adding the money, rather than just the code.)
  2. Players must earn Action points before the money will be added to their account.
  3. 125 Action Points are needed for every $1 Bonus. 

Example: They deposit $100 and get $20 Bonus. They need to earn $20 x 125 = 2,500

  1. The largest bonus is $100, they may deposit more than $500 but only $500 will count towards the bonus
  2. Don't tell them that the Action Points they have already earned don't count. Tell them the following.

    "Any Action Points you earn from when the promotion is entered will count towards your 20% Deposit.
    Action Points that you have already earned will be held in your General Action Points account and can be used to collect some great prizes. You can see a list of current prizes on our web site."

  3. The promotion code may take a few days to be entered on your account, you will see promotional points required on the cashier page when it has been entered.
  4. Send a request to Dan * for it to be entered on the account using the correct form and enter it in the spreadsheet.

* Will change soon.

What is the maximum promo match under the aceking program? The aceking matching bonus program offers a 20% match up to $100 on the first qualifying deposit.  This means that deposits of over $500 will have a match capped at $100.
How are action points handled when a player changes skins? There will be occasions where a player will change skins, using the same screen name. This will result in separate pools of action points for each skin used. And if the player has joined the aceking promo with one skin, play under the other skin will not accrue action points towards the promo.

For example, player DanDaMan registers with the Poker Daddy skin and signs up for his initial $100 deposit under the aceking promo. He has a target of 2500 action points to earn his $20 promo. He plays enough to reduce his target to 1100 when he downloads the RacingPost skin and plays using it.

Now, he earns general action points, not counting to qualifying for the promo. Let's say he plays a while before realizing this, and has earned 800 action points. He then switches back to Poker Daddy to complete the promo. The 800 action points earned under Racing Post do not transfer to the Poker Daddy general action point pool. Once DanDaMan has qualified for and received the $20 match, his play under Poker Daddy earns him general action points in a separate counter from the Racing Post pool in the DB.

In summary, action points are segregated in the DB by skin and are not cumulative across skins.

Do not offer to consolidate action points!

I had 50 gazillion Action Points and they are gone.  What's wrong? Did you change skins?  Action points have value and are paid for by the skin under which they were earned.  Therefore we track them separately for each skin you use. 
I have action points with more than one skin.  I would like to have them consolidated. Sorry, but we cannot do that.  Action Points have value and are paid for by the skin you used when earning them.  We cannot transfer them from one skin to another.  The player should view each skin as a separate poker rooms. 

Do keep in mind that affiliate skins look like their parent skin to players.  For example, Virgin (VI) is an affiliate of VCPoker.  Internally, these are two separate skins.  To the player, they appear to both be VCPoker.

I registered with the poker room, got some action points, and signed up for a promo (like aceking).  How does all that work?

I got a different amount of action points when I signed up than my friend did.  Why?

We offer players who register with the poker room and open a cage account an action point sign up bonus.  The amount of those free action points will vary according to the promotion(s) we are running at the time you signed up.

When you make a qualifying deposit and provide a promo code, all action points you earn by playing at real money tables go towards the promotion you will earn.  These are separate from the General Action Points you earn when you are not in a promotion.  Once you complete the promotion, you again earn action points that you can use for freerolls.

For example, you may be given 500 action points when you open your cage account.  You may play in freerolls using these action points.  We generally give you 2.5 times the freeroll entry.  With 500 action points, you have sufficient action points to enter two 200 action point freerolls.  If you make a qualifying real money deposit using a valid promo code, you are given a target number of action points to earn, based on the amount you deposited. 

Once you have earned those points by playing raked real money games, your promotional match is deposited to your cage account and you are earning  General Action Points.  The more you play, the sooner you earn your promotional match, and the sooner you get General Action Points that you may use to enter freerolls.