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How can I check a player's balance when s/he is not logged in? You must log into BOS to see a players balance.
Why can't I use my Golden Palace Account to fund my Poker Account? At present, these are all separate Cash accounts, they are not linked in any way.  If you would like, you may 'withdraw' from your Golden Palace account then deposit into your Poker Account.
My balance appears to have changed from one session to the next. Players with non-US Dollar account may report balance change if they are looking at US Dollar from one session to next. This is due to monthly FX rate change. For example, from Jan to Feb, the dollar went up relative to the pound.  This caused balances stated in Dollars to grow relative to prior month.
I have seen an error of $0.01 on movement of funds to and from the cage.  Why? If you have an account based in a currency other than US Dollars, your funds are converted at a fixed exchange rate.  This requires use of fractions and may result in a rounding error of 1 cent.  Depending on the amount you transfer, and the exchange rate in force, you may see this error work in your favor, or against you.  Over the long run, this evens out.
Can I cashout (cashin) to my NETeller account? At the present time we cannot support NETeller. 
I tried to buy more chips but was told I had reached my limit.  What's that about? We have a policy of setting credit card purchase limits of $500/day, $1000/week, and $1500/month on all new players.  This is one of many methods used to combat fraudulent credit card usage.  We review all accounts on a periodic basis and raise limits where appropriate.
Do I have to have a credit card to play? No.  VCI accepts select debit cards, and by prior arrangement will accept wire transfers and bank cheques.
What is the minimum chip value I can purchase? We offer the Internet's only micro-stakes poker.  The current minimum purchase is �10.
Is there a transaction charge for switch debits/credits? No.
I just cashed out. How do I get paid? When the customer requests a payment through the client-  if they have a debit card payment is automatically made to that card, if they have more than one debit card it is unclear, at the moment, which one is used (Tommy Cooper is trying to find out).

If they do not have a debit card an e-mail is generated and our staff make the payment manually, using the following criteria - If they have a credit card it will be made to that card (we cannot pay to Mastercard though), with more than 1 credit card registered we e-mail them asking which card they would like to use. If they have no cards registered we would e-mail them asking which method they would prefer, telegraphic transfer (�15 charge), or cheque (sterling - free, US$ - free, Euro - to Ireland is free, to the rest of Europe is �50 equivalent. So much for a common currency).

How long does a check take to be delivered (Canada) As it depends on the international post we normally state 10 to 14 working days.   There is a charge associated with cancelling cheques
What do I tell a player who reports money seems missing, or doesn't seem to have followed the player after the player left a table?

I won money in a tournament but it's not in my account. 

I won money in a tournament but I can't see my balance.

I was at a table, and now I can't see my money in my cage account.

When a player leaves a table, the chips are queued for return to BOS.  If a player does not explicitly stand up from the table, the player may remain at the table for a period of time before being picked up.  Only when picked up will money be queued for return.  

If BOS is not available when the poker server tries to return money or if the player's cage account is closed, the funds get "stuck" in the return queue.  

Chips for deposit to BOS are put in a queue.  The queue is processed and if the transfer to BOS fails, the transaction is retried every few seconds.  After a while, the poker server "gives up" and marks the transaction as "timed out" and gives up.  The funds are not lost ... they are just parked.

If BOS has not been down recently, this is indicative of a closed BOS account.  VCI CSRs should check BOS.  CWG CSRs should contact the on-duty VCI CSR to check BOS.

Normally, this happens when VCI Security closes an account while a player is at a table, or in a tournament.  

When this happens, and you have confirmed the account was indeed closed, one of a couple things might happen.  You might learn that the player has another active account.  In that case, send a request to Dan with necessary details, asking the deposit be re-routed.  Or, the player's account was only suspended and once it is reopened, let Dan know so the transaction can be reset from "I give up" state to "new transaction" state. Expect this may take a couple days from the request, on average. to be done.  Or, the player has been "booted" forever, in which case, let Dan know and the stuck transaction will be handled.

Now, if BOS has been down recently, it is possible the transaction timed out before BOS was brought back on line.  In this case, you should let Dan know so that any transactions in this category can be reset.  Again, this may take a day or two, depending on when Dan is notified.

Please increase my daily/weekly/monthly limit. Please send your request, including your screen name, to:  [email protected]
Unable to contact financial institution? This error is issued when the poker server is not able to connect via the API to the cage/cashier ... applies to both Victor Chandler and Poker Blasters. If a player reports this message, it is wise to confirm that the cage is up. Then ask the player to try again. If there are large numbers of such reports and the cage is confirmed to be up and running, escalate to Tribeca.