Poker Room Technology:

Tribeca has designed and built its poker room systems to support non-stop 7x24 service. We have a scalable architecture with fail-over and recovery designed into the software. Our Internet poker room is truly technically superior. From the beginning we set out to build an environment using only the best technology.

State of the Art Servers:

When we set out to build the best poker room on the Internet, we knew a key to that mission would be having non-stop servers. We have designed and built a server system that can experience failures that would cripple other sites, yet continue to provide an enjoyable poker-playing environment. If one of our servers experiences a problem, another system seamlessly takes over all the games running on it. Players will not be able to distinguish the delay from ordinary network congestion.

High Quality Graphics:

We have a top-notch graphic design team. We believe our poker room graphics are second to none. The way we have organized our poker room is slightly different from other sites. We are confident our model is more intuitive and far easier to use.


We have made certain that players’ money and the integrity of the games are not compromised. From sophisticated random number generation to 128-bit encryption to a range of other measures we can't disclose, we have implemented the poker room with security as a number one priority. We value our customers and won't risk compromise.


The software driving this poker room was not purchased from another site, or from a third party vendor. Our software development team crafted this poker room using the latest programming technologies and tools with the following goals in mind; to provide a secure, reliable, fast, and fun poker-playing environment.