Program Details

  • Play a minimum of 750 hands per week.
  • Enter and exit games when asked by host.
  • Start new games.
  • Greet and help new players.
  • Monitoring table chat.
  • Keeping the game friendly.
  • Report any potential problems.
  • $10-$20 pays $20 per 100 hands
  • $5-$10 pays $18 per 100 hands
  • $4-$8 limit pays $16 per 100 hands
  • $3-$6 limit pays $12 per 100 hands
  • $2-$4 limit pays $10 per 100 hands
  • $1-$2 limit pays $10 per 100 hands
  • 50c-$1 limit your rake contribution is refunded
  • 25c-50c limit your rake contribution is refunded

Other details
  • You can play as many hours as you like, there is no maximum.
  • On occasions you will be required to play on two tables at the same time.
  • All prop players must get permission before entering tournaments so as not to weaken live games.
  • You must only play in games as directed by card room management. Prop players are not free to sit in any game of their choosing.
  • Prop players must state the maximum stake that they are willing to play for. Management will not ask props to play above that level unless we see you are jumping into games at higher levels.
  • Only hands in games of 25c - 50c and upwards count towards remuneration.
  • Prop players are not compensated in no limit, pot limit, or tournament games. They will be asked from time to time to vacate seats in those games for regular players.
  • You would not be eligible for any other promotions the site offers whilst a prop player.

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This prop program is continually monitored and evaluated to assess its effectiveness. It may be changed at any time, without notice, at management discretion.

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